I studied photography in the north of Italy.

I work between documentary projects and commercial photography.
I also work as a photography exhibition curator, managing the Torrefazione Vittoria exhibition space in Cremona (Italy), presenting and writing about photography books.

I collaborate with Irene Tondelli in performing photographic project and heading workshops regarding photographic storytelling.

My works had been published on magazines like National Geographic, Witness Journal, C41, Float Magazine, Mirus magazine, Photosophie, Blur Magazine.

Photography is an objective means of subjective reproduction of reality but, above all, an intimate moment of research, narration and comparison.

The ideal shot is a moment that is caught independently  from the presence of a camera; it is a set of things that finds a way and an order capable of transmitting sensations and stopping them over time.

Photography is an inner journey that finds its fulfillment in the relationship with the places, spaces or people whatever they are, and in his portrait; and it is precisely this type of analysis that develops my photographic production of the last years: a journey between spaces and people and the search for a way, very often the research of an order.